January 2022 Prize draw

WRAC No2 Dress Cap

Enter To Win - £2 per Entry

(25 pence from every entry will be donated to the WRAC Association Charity)

1 Entry £2.00

5 Entries £8.00

10 Entries £15.00


The January 2022 Prize draw kicks
off with a cracker of a prize.

This Bronze Resin WRAC No2 Dress Cap
from our very own
Regimental Statuette Manufacturers.

.Standing at just under 13cm in height, cast from the best of Bronze Resin and hand finished with a beautifully crafted
WRAC Cap Badge.

This gorgeous design stands on a wooden plinth and has a fabulous engraved plaque depicting the origins of the WRAC No 2 Dress Cap.

7 Draw Entry