Blank A6 Greeting Card comes with a matching Fridge Magnet and a packet of Flanders Field Poppy Seeds


Also known as the Common Poppy, Flanders Poppy or Corn Poppy Poppy seeds can flower from June through to August and will grow to a height of 20cm to 60cm.


Includes Free UK Postage Included

A6 Card, Fridge Magnet & Poppy Seeds - Lest We Forget

  • Can be sown in either in Autumn or Spring For Autumn sowings ideally sow in pots and keep moist For spring sowings sow where they are to grow approximately 5mm deep Expect germination in 2 - 3 weeks Available in a choice of pack sizes There are approximately 6000 seeds in every gram so the Poppy has a very low sowing rate (0.5 - 1g per square metre)

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